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Lucien [userpic]
The City in all it's Glory... redux!

quick, before I jinx this again! Getting around the City is fairly easy. If I remember correctly, you just think of the place you have in mind, take a step, and you're there. Then again, it's also nice to at least have an idea where things and places are, right? Not applicable anymore! ^__^

We all remember the map that the lovely former Noitora-mun, Gelichu did for us just some... whoa, exactly 4 months ago! Since then the City's Destinations page has been revamped and added with more lovely destinations (with the introduction of money comes new establishments as well).

So, here's our map of the city, also revamped ^^ with mod approval, of course. though I wasn't able to ask Gelichu for permission to revise her work. gaaah ;__; I worked off the original layout and just moved and added some extra stuff here and there. Suggestions are highly appreciated ^^ I think I missed some establishments (Tifa's 7th Heaven, Himawari's Ajisai Flower Shop), but please comment below (and to the Destinations page too) so that updates can be made! Also, if you'd like your establishment moved or nudged anywhere else... And if it's alright, I'd also like to know where the ships are moored/anchored (Serenity, Deus ex Machina II, The Ark II, The Durandal, The Eternal, The Black Swann, etc.) so they can also be indicated in the map.

Oh, and the buildings aren't drawn to scale, nor are they really positioned like that. They're just approximations so that one could have at least a general idea of where they are in relation to other places in the City. gah, again, suggestions would be awesome ^^

Edit 1: Added the Firehouse, Ajisai, Ark II, Serenity and Durandal.
Edit 2: Added the Bebop and the Deus ex Machina II.
Edit 3: (As of Sept. 25): Removed Bebop, edited ownership of Ajisai, added 7th Heaven and Jeanne's Rune Shop

City Proper | Overground | Xanadu

*: Subway Entrances
01: Carousel
02: Fountain
03: The Office
04: The Courthouse
05: The Hall of the Missing
06: City General Hospital
07: The Academy / Library
08: Lux (piano bar / Elaine Belloc elainebelloc & Mazikeen halffaced)
09/10: The Firehouse | Tattoo and Piercing Parlor ( Kira Sakuya noswordjokesplz [the tattoo/piercing parlor owner)
11: The Coliseum Pub
12: Jeanne's Rune Shop ( Jeanne chiketsustar)
13: Ajisai Flower Shop (Doumeki Shizuka monsterepellant)
14: Sunny Side Bakery ( Kagura kagura_theboar & Leeloo she_dove_off)
15: Cybernetics
16: The Halftime Show Cinema
17: Arcade
18: Pandora's
20: Karaoke Bar
21: Café Juliet
22: The Opera Abandoned
23: The Music Studio
24: The Cathedral

I - XII: Apartment Buildings

25: Piaculum Palace
26: Laboratory
27: The Barn
28: The Warehouse
29: Crossgates
30: Basketball Court
31: The Range
32: The Drowning Pool
33: Oz
34: The Old Mansion
35: Xanadu
36: The Crypt
37: The Zoo
38/39: The Hot Springs and Temple
40: 7th Heaven (bar / Tifa finalheaven19)
41: The Koukakurou (tea house / ?)
42: The Lighthouse

Ships and Such ... approximate, remember. and not to scale ^^; sorry about the lack of details...

A: Serenity (space near buildings 3 & 4 are a bit crowded already, hope you guys don't mind the bit of a nudge northwest ^^;)
B: Ark II
C: The Durandal (so sorry for the lack of detail ;__; it's an awesome ship! ^^)
D: The Deus ex Machina II


: Subway Entrances
-: Subway Path
43: The Circus Carnivore
44: Laboratory
45: Warehouse
46: Club Automatica
47: The Raven ( Rayne just_rayne)
48: Casino

Sticking with what Gelichu maintained about the underground in regards with the unreachable places (marked in black in the underground map), the Casino in the basement of the Old Mansion, and the Laboratory and Warehouse having underground extensions. (Mm, maintain the Hospital underground section as well?) And since the Circus Carnivore is located in the center of the City (as per the blurb), I made it fit in the square, and not cross the subway line.



As of Sept. 25:
-The Golden Bird Holy Flower Dragon Tooth Glory Dojo (Nanami)
-Rockbell Automail Shop

My AIM is bloodsplotches, ping me for Comments/Suggestions ^^ (quick, while I still have my sister's laptop! T__T) and any mistakes are my own. I... haven't really slept yet... ;__;

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Isn't the Firehouse missing? I don't know what else.



Hurray for fantastical~! ^___^ Hope this helps!

I ♥ LOVE ♥ you.

Truly. Madly. Fantastically so. I may just spam you with all of my characters now out of ♥.


^____^ I did it for the love of Poly and all you people here. Really~ You guys are just awesome that it's all worth it ^___^

Yay, spammage! HOUSE! xD

You win.
So much.

♥! Thank you for doing this! This is awesome!

Ah, 'tis all for the love of the game~ ^^ Glad to help!

♥ I got so much love for you!


Thank you!

Have a sexy icon on me.


... posting that in this account is just... WRONG! xDDD

*whistles* Wow. This is awesome. ♥ :>

I should probably make Nanami/Riou's dojo official then... *scoots over to the Destinations page*

It was Gelichu who made the original map. I just moved stuff and added some bits and pieces ^^

Will make a note of that!

Hm, considering how large the Durandal is, I'm considering asking to have it on the map...

Indeed-y! Just indicate where you'd want it located. If I remember, it was on the beach?


You can put Himawari's Ajisai anywhere~ It's a very small shop too. Maybe somewhere near the bakery? ♥~

Near the bakery. Got it! ^^

Oooh, shiny! ♥~

Um, as far as I know, Serenity is between buildings 3 and 4, though she was shifted from actually being stuck there, so she'd just be in the general area now?

Mm, okay ^^

SEXY. You get um.. 100 internets! XD

A hundred internets! It will be put to good use, Milady~! ^___^

Thing of beauty! :D ♥

Thank you~! ^__^

Now where did I park the airship? *goes to check the archives for details*

I think it was north-northeast well past any buildings. I can't find the exact spot in my notes though.

I say just pick a spot.

Awesome job on the maps! Kudos! :D

Just Serenity, no "the". ;) Far as I remember Serenity was indeed smashed between buildings (3 and 4, maybe?), but it was levitated further into the square by Yoda. XD I don't think any specific spot was pointed out, so I assume it's somewhere in the general area of the square close to buildings 3 & 4. Others may correct me if I'm wrong! :)

Ah, good ol' Yoda ;)

Mm, at least in the general area of 3 & 4? Getting a bit crowded in there... let's see...

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